Fried Onion Ring Making Machine|Chifles Fryer Machine

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Technical Parameters of Fried Onion Ring Making Machine
Fried materials: suitable for onion rings, peanuts, chifles, chicken wings, chicken legs, french fries, potato chips, chin chin, sesame balls, green beans, broad beans, banana slices, and all kinds of vegetable and fruit slices.
Frying range of temperature: 0 - 300oC (adjustable)
Machine material: This fryer uses 304 stainless steel
The thickness of the oil tank, the thickness of the mesh support bracket is 4mm, the shell thickness is 1.2mm, and the mesh belt is a spiral mesh belt, which ensures that the demand side products will not fall to the bottom of the equipment.
The working temperature is displayed in digital way, and the heating mode is electric heating and gas heating.
Equipped with 1 sets of frequency converter, the frying speed can be adjusted to 60-600 seconds.
Equipped with smoke exhausting system to effectively discharge fumes from blasting process and ensure working environment.
Chifles Fryer Machine
Brief Introduction of Chifles Fryer Machine
The frequency control is adopted to control the conveying speed, which effectively prevents the phenomenon of frying in the course of food blasting. The water leakage test is carried out after the welding of the inner liner to ensure that the pot body does not leak. During the welding process, the water is cooled at one side of the welding process to ensure that the equipment will not be deformed after welding, and it will affect the beauty.
The technical structure of the net belt:
Mesh belt for chain plate mesh belt, surface punching, aperture 2~6mm, can be customized according to processed products.
Electrical control system:
Electric control system has leakage protection system, ultra temperature and abnormal automatic alarm system, equipment transmission process of automatic alarm failure; electric appliance is Deli brand, convenient customers can buy accessories at any time, reduce the loss caused by customers can not replace parts in time.
Technical Data
Model GG-3000
Heating Type Electric/Gas/Diesel
Rated Power 90-120kw
Overall Dimension 3500*800*2400mm
Production Capacity 100-300kg/h
Temperature  0-300℃


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