0.1-2MM Peanut & Almond Slicing Cutter Machine In Kenya

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The Description of Peanut Slicing Machine
Peanut slicer machine is a industrial equipment used for cutting peanut, almond, cashew, walnut, pistachio, hazelnut and other nuts into slice, the thickness of finial product can be adjusted. 
Peanut Almond Slicing Cutter Machine
Here are some of the features of the Industrial Peanut Slicing Machine
1. Peanut & almond slice cutter machine is made of high quality and high speed steel grinding blade, which is very sharp and durable.
2. This machine used for slicing peanut, almond, walnut kernel and other nuts, the slicing thickness between 0.1 and 2mm.
3. Almond slicing machine is suitable for cutting peanut, hazelnut into slice, it is the ideal equipment for peanut, almond slicing. 
4. Equipped with pneumatic feeding system and slicing system, put the peanut, almond into the feeder, Automatically cut into peanut slices of uniform thickness.
5. The peanut cutter machine is made of stainless steel which fits the food hygiene requirements.
6. It has the features of low noise, fast slicing speed, high capacity, wide range of applications etc characteristics, etc characteristics.
Almond & Peanut Slicing Machine
Application of Kenya Peanut Slicing Machine
This slicing machine produced by our company, it's practical and affordable, widely sold to Kenya, Nigeria, India and other countries. Peanut slicer machine can be used for slicing peanut, almond, hazelnut, walnut, cashew and other nuts. It is also suitable for cuting dry fruit.

Working Video of Peanut & Almond Slicing Machine

Advantages of Commercial Peanut Slicer Machine
1. The thickness of peanut & almond slice can be adjusted according to customer's requirements.
2. Use high quality materials, the slicing machine is sturdy and durable, for a long time use. 
3. Full-automatic operation, low noise in the production, high efficiency, labor and energy saving.
4. All parts in contact with food are made of stainless steel 304, which will not rust and corrode, and is easy to clean.

Technical Data
Type GGQP--2
Voltage 220/380V
Power 1.5kw
Air pressure 0.3MPA
Blade speed 100-700rpm/min
Slicing thickness 0.1-2mm
Weight 170kg
Slice output 50-300kg/h
Dimension 900*550*1900mm


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