Egg tart making shell machine

2016-12-01 by Tina
Egg tarts, Taiwan called egg tart, tarts for English "tart", refers to the stuffing exposed pie (relative to the surface is covered by crust of stuffing seal batch/pie pie pie); Egg whip the egg liquid into fillings "tart". Approach is to put the crust into the small round cake tin of basin, pour into the egg of a mixture of sugar and egg pulp, and then into the oven.
Egg tarts mentioned, we should have a common topic, we all like to eat egg tart, particularly for people who like to eat sweet food, often go to buy some to eat egg tart.
The egg tart shell making machine can be used to process the egg tart skin with good quality and large capacity. This machine can make egg tart skins of various sizes by changing the molds. It is widely used to make Portuguese type egg tart, Beijing type egg tart, Cantonese type egg tart and other type egg tarts.
the egg tart shell making machine adopt imported schneider PLC control, forming by pneumatic pressure,  turntable mechanical structure, all stainless steel shell, can molding Cantonese egg tarts, the Portuguese egg tarts, coconut tart, etc. The mold can be customized according to the customer requirements.
This egg tart making machine have three type capacity,they are 28 pieces/min, 36 pieces/min and 48 pieces/min.But the pieces want to process every min,also demands the turntable’s speed setting by the customer’s requirement.And the rotary speed can not changed after it’s made.
According to customer's requirements, the egg tarts shell machine (egg tarts compressor) can per minute 36 pieces of egg tarts. The press capacity does not rely on the mold of egg tart, however the set rotating speed before it leaves the factory. The rotating speed can not adjustable. usually, the customer can choose this machine (36pieces/min), with this type suits the substitute feeding best. If you would like large capacity, we are able to also personalize for you personally, as well as the artificial feeding can not satisfy the rotating speed of huge capacity.

egg tart shell making machine

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