Where to Buy Sesame Paste Making Machine?

2019-07-12 by Tina
Sesame paste is a common ingredient in our daily life, it is made from sesame paste production line with a large output, which can satisfy the customers' demand for it.
Sesame Paste Production Line
The sesame paste machine has the characteristics of high degree of automation, wide application range, large output, good quality, etc. Where to buy it? Here we recommend the GELGOOG tahini production line, which has been producing this machine for nearly ten years.

Sesame Paste Making Machine's Characteristics
1. It has a large production capacity and can make 100 kilograms of sesame paste at least every hour.
2. Sesame paste production line is suitable for making sesame butter, peanut butter, potato tahini, almond paste, etc.
3. Each machine is connected by a hoist, with a high degree of automation and continuous operation.
4. The sesame tahini processing machine is made of stainless steel and meets national food hygiene standards.
Sesame Tahini Processing Machine
This sesame paste production line is composed by pneumatic hoist, sesame seed cleaning machine, sesame seed drying machine, lifting machine, continuous sesame roasting machine, pneumatic conveyer, cooling machine, storage hopper, sesame paste grinding machine, material tank, mixing tank, vacuum degassing tank.

This sesame paste making macine is suitable for large and medium-sized sesame sauce factories to produce high-quality, high-yield sesame paste. Nice machine for processing sesame tahini, if you are interested in our machines, feel free to contact us.


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