Machine Making Portuguese Egg Tarts

2018-06-20 by Tina
There is a machine making portuguese egg tart: Portuguese egg tart is famous Portugal dessert, it also as Portugal's signature cuisine. Portuguese egg tart, also known as Portuguese cream egg tart, caramel macchiato egg tart. Called Portuguese tart in Hong Kong, Macao and guangdong, it is a kind of small custard tart. A type of egg tart characterized by a blackened surface.
The Portuguese egg tart is very simple, there's a family practice, there's a business practice, and here we're talking about commercial production. The egg tart making machine is the best equipment for the commercial production of egg tart. The egg tart made by the mechanism of egg tart can be diversified, and the shape and size of the egg tart are adjustable and customizable.
machine making portuguese egg tarts
Egg tart making machine is a commercial equipment for making egg tarts. It is made of high-quality 202 stainless steel. The egg tart making machine imported schneider PLC control, forming by pneumatic pressure,  turntable mechanical structure, all stainless steel shell, can molding Cantonese egg tarts, the Portuguese egg tarts, coconut tart, etc. The mold can customized according to customer requirements. There have 28pcs/min, 36pcs/min, 48pcs/min three capacity, it demands the turntable's turn speed, and it can not be changed after the machine was made. So if you have any special requirements, you can tell us in advance that we will follow the program you provided.

Here is a egg tart making machine can make Portuguese egg tart, Guangzhou type egg tart and so on, if you want to start egg tart business, you can choose our machine to make egg tarts with different shapes and sizes. Please email to, skype: jacobyaogelgoog, whatsapp: 008618595717505.

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