Wet Type Of Peanut Peeling Machine

2018-06-20 by Tina
In order to make peanut products taste better, people usually remove the peanut skins and dispose of them. So how do you remove the peanut skin? We have two methods: dry type and wet type. Here we are mainly talking about wet type. There is a wet type peanut peeling machine, it can remove the peanut red skin with high efficiency. Wet peeling, just as its name implies, that is to say, in the process, the peanut is after water immersion, usually a peanut can use warm water and hot water soaking, different material soaking time is not the same, until the skin can be directly with the hand rub off in order to be ready.
wet type of peanut peeling machine
This peanut peeling machine using high-standard pure rubber soft roller in imitation of a manual action, peanuts red, it's easy to fall off, and convenient operation, high output, peeling rate over 98%, no damage, break disc rate lower than 5%, is the present domestic most advanced peanut peeling equipment. Drop soaking peanuts into the hopper, the vibration is made up of three raw materials into the power roller fixed rotation lugs, through induction, the effect of feeding wheel, through the imitation slub by hand wheel, reach the role of peeling, then discharging wheel press after peeling peanut meters into the hopper, and is discharged in the hopper, skin via jilt the skin wheel.

Peanut peeling machine main application: used for removing peanut red skin. This machine is used for efficient ideal equipment of peanuts and almonds in red. It is mainly used for Fried peanuts, peanut milk (cream), peanut protein powder, almond production before peeling. If you want to know more details and price, please contact lisa@machinehall.com, skype: jacobyaogelgoog.


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