Wide Application French Fries Packing Machine For Sale

2018-06-13 by Lisa
The french fries packing machine by the feeding and conveyor, 10 (or more) computer combination scale, operating platform, vertical packaging machine, finished conveyor, the selection of scales and disc feeder components; This french fries packing machine is for sale in many countries, and the whole package line of equipment is divided into carbon steel and stainless steel type; Suitable for packaging all kinds of dry, not easily broken loose solid materials; Scope of application: suitable for the requirements of high precision and fragile bulk items of candy, quantitative weighing packaging machine for chocolate, pistachio, melon seeds, potato chips, peanuts, nuts, preserved fruits, jelly, frozen glutinous rice balls, biscuits, grains, hardware, plastic and other granular, flaky, strip, irregular shapes.
french fries packing machine for sale
Packaging optional packaging materials include various types of composite film (Standard Model), as well as BOPP or PE, such as Single-layer thermal sealing film. Packaging system of computer combination scale and packaging machine selection depends on the packaging size, packaging style, product material characteristics and packaging materials characteristics, etc., please in the order or sample to our sales staff specific contact.
Working principle of french fries packing machine
The working principle process of the packing machine of the head combination scale: Turn on the power to set the temperature of the thermostat → Set the parameters (bag size and packaging weight) → Manually expected storage hopper vibration material to enhance the conveyor bucket → material hoist start conveying materials → electronic combination weighing → print production date → bag → filling material → inflatable → sealed packing → cut off → packing finished goods lost the whole process(particle packaging machine for the double film mechanism: Tensile film resistance, fast film speed, etc.).

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