Good Quality Nut Roasting Machine For Sale

2016-12-24 by Lisa
Good Quality Nut Roasting Machine For Sale
Nut roaster is the food processing machinery that can be used to roast the chestnut, peanut, almond, melon seeds, etc. The rotary drum of the chestnut roasting machine brings even heating and no burn to the beans. In addition, the roasting temperature and time could be set to get the best roasting performance. At present, the nut roaster is the most ideal roasting equipment due to its features of easy operation, high quality and low maintain fee that the cost are lower than your competitors.

This machine reached a power-saving time-saving,meanwhile reduces the processing cost at the same time, to ensure the stable performance, temperature adjustable, can guarantee to adapt to a variety of roasted temperature needs. The field processing speculation is now selling, pure taste, fragrance overflowing, a change in the past artificial frying high pollution, high labor intensity, low efficiency, high cost, clean and sanitary, covers an area of small, no environmental pollution. It is the ideal equipment of roasted seeds and nuts!

Features of nut roasting machine:The first,the nut roasting machine adapts to roll and heat transmits and radiation by galvanothermy pipe, and have auto-control temperature set in roasting course.Second,the materials are roasted by hot air and are pushed and circulated in a continuum manner. In this way, the product will be heated equally in order to ensure the good quality of products.

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