Fried food deoiling machine for sell

2017-01-05 by Tina
This fried food deoiling machine is mainly used to the remove the oil of fried food, like fried potato chips, peanut, banana chips, beans,cashews,bananas,plantains and some other snacks. onion ring, etc.

Deoiling machine adopts deoiling tube of low speed rotation, the upper part of the uniform feeding, make things even load within the oil cylinder, and then by inverter automatic control, take off the oil cylinder speed, gradual growth speed to work, with the oil of objects by the high speed centrifugal, through a porous deoiling cylinder wall will objects separated from the oil, after the separation, the oil was dumped outside cylinder after collection by the oil outlet to the oil pan, complete object deoiling process, the body suspension in consisting of four groups of compression spring damping device.

1, deoiling machine centrifugal deoiling device with a shockproof system, deoiling, dewatering equipment vibration, in the process of super sports car, stability.
2, deoiling machine using centrifugal principle, electromagnetic brake, digital automatic control, stainless steel making, is currently the most advanced food deoiling, dewatering equipment.
3, deoiling machine under the discharge conveyor belt conveyor, can be set up to the height.

deoiling machine


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