The health value of noodles

2017-01-05 by Tina
Noodles contain copper element, although the copper element in the friends of the body's demand is not very large, but the copper element is as friends of the body trace elements are not missing, and noodles just to contain copper elements , Copper elements for the hair of friends, the development of hair played a very good role, so the amount of friends to eat some noodles can also play a role in raising fat!
Noodles for friends to help stomach is played a very good effect, so for the stomach of indigestion friends in the consumption of staple food when the noodles can be interspersed to one of them to eat, because the noodles better absorption, and noodles can help Friends warm stomach, stomach bad friends can eat noodles to stomach!

Noodles in the protein content is very rich, so rich in protein to meet the needs of friends, physical activity, so as to ensure a friend's basic needs of the body, but friends when cooking noodles must pay attention to cooking thoroughly, This can prevent the occurrence of many intestinal diseases, which for the health of friends will be more favorable!

Noodles with low calorie, noodles in the cooking process will absorb a lot of water, 100 grams of noodles cooked into 400 grams.
Noodles have the characteristics of appetite suppression, because the digestion of the noodles in the stomach is relatively slow, people have a sense of fullness for a long time, not hungry.

Noodles can break down fat, because noodles without fat, can keep insulin in a normal, stable level, and thus maintain long-term stability of blood sugar.


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