Future considerable natural additives for noodles processing enzyme prospects

2016-09-13 by admin
Noodles is China's traditional staple food, to date, has played an important role in the structure of food around the world. Food additives used in noodle cooking quality of noodles, food quality, sensory quality, storage properties play a significant role in improving and become an integral part of the noodle making process. Currently noodles using additives such as brighteners, gluten, anti-oxidants and other modifier mostly by chemical composition, there are security risks. Many countries use chemical modifiers has restricted even be disabled. 2005, China has prohibited the use of the flour and potassium bromate as gluten agent. In 2011, azodicarbonamide are also banned for pasta whitening. Therefore, an urgent need for the food industry and consumer health and safety noodles additives and enzymes as a natural biological products, noodle processing production has a broad application prospects.
Enzymes can improve the nutritional quality of the noodles, the main enzyme flavor profile and texture properties, are used in noodle transglutaminase, glucose oxidase, which improve noodle chewiness, color, mouthfeel corresponding auxiliary effect.
Enzyme is a green food additives, with strong specificity, add less, improvement and good effect, has a broad application prospects in noodle making (machine). However, the production and application status of industrial enzymes, but there are some problems. Problems such as the amount of enzyme added. Different nature and activity of the product, the existence has its appropriate application areas, different sources of raw materials also make the amount of enzyme levels and adding some differences, in practical applications, such as improper use will not only affect the enzyme applications effect, but also may be counterproductive. Source of the problem enzyme. Most of these enzymes derived from microbial strains in industrial production is often a lack of high-yield strains and enzyme preparation techniques for mass production. Therefore, to solve the above problems, it is necessary to carry out more systematic in-depth research and its application by enzymes targeted to create the optimum conditions according to the particular application, to maximize the role of enzymes to improve product quality, reduce production costs. With the advancement of science and technology and in-depth applied research, as well as the cultivation of high-yield strains, enzymes that safe and efficient food additives will play a pivotal role in the industrial production of noodles.

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