Maintenance and Operation of Noodle Making Machine

2018-05-30 by admin
In daily production, good noodle not only need good material, also noodle equipment, and need a good operator. That is in the produce processing an operator should be aware of noodle production and pressure cut noodle machine use regulation.

Maintenance of noodle making machine
Then for fresh noodle machine production line automation process is necessary here to say, operators should understand that the main pressure of the machine for everyday use rules.
1, the bearing grease of the cutting need to replace every six months, and should keep the gears, lubrication of rolling bearings.
2, the most important thing is safe to use, illegal use of rigorous standard prohibited within not allowed to reach into the range.
3, before running the machine it’s would begreat idling for 10-15 minutes, when in winter indoor temperature is kept above 10-15 degrees.
4. Before the raw material for the production should have some checks, to remember the good raw material is the fundamental guarantee high-quality products.
5, fresh noodle production line must be cleaned after the shutdown. Avoid to bacteria contamination caused by produce.
6, the pressure cutting machine drying equipment is very important and should be improved, the operation of the device in the course of the press-cutting operator.Performance of the noodle equipment need a full control, in accordance with production requirements.
7, after the shutdown to keep machinery clean, no residual in each roll, no face blank.
The operation of noodle making machine
1. The machine should be installed in a dry, airy ground level, to ensure that the machines work smoothly and reliably.
2. Before use, check the power supply voltage is consistent with the use of the machine; earth symbol grounding wire core is reliable;
Steering meets the requirements; installed position shown by cis junction dustpan and dustpan. (For ease of packing and shipping, cis dustpan is not installed on the machine)
3. noodles: Mix flour with institutional products, when the inverted switch to "down", blender mix the powder inside the bucket starts running after breading flour evenly to play an open feeder switch can be ruled out automatically. (Recommendations noodles noodles knife removed to extend the life of the knife noodles).
4. Patch processing: the switch to "smooth" the position of the dough piece mechanic, when marinated dough should be kneaded by rolls thick to thin to adjust the roll gap, to come forward into the face thickness of the thickness of 2 to 3 times. After repeated pressure after kneading dough sheet can be increased and chewy texture, are recommended to take full advantage of the machine is kneaded function. Before cutting the dough sheet should be 3 ~ 5mm thick noodles with roll bar after a good backup.
5. cutting:
1). Installation noodles knife: around the grid plate has two flutes, noodles knife into the slot, rear gear noodles on a knife with the large gear meshing, tighten the butterfly nut fixation noodles knife fixed.
2). Cutter: a spare patch tip his hand into the rotation of the two roll gap, rolling after re-entering the noodle cutter, cut out pasta, falling junction dustpan. The operator should be promptly cut out noodles brought out, disconnect, put drying rack.
Well,the whole production processing would be shared in this video.

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