High efficiency peanut slicing machine

2016-11-16 by Tina
Peanuts, or groundnuts, butterfly flower groundnut genera annual herbaceous plants. Native to South America area, the cultivated peanut country in the world has more than 100, Asia's most popular form, the time for Africa, according to the Chinese literature about peanut cultivation history about 100 years earlier than Europe. The peanut was praised as "plant meat", the oil content as high as 50%, good quality, fragrant smell. Except for food, but also used in printing and dyeing, papermaking industry, peanuts and medicinal herbs, malnutrition, spleen and stomach disorders, cough phlegm, relieving asthma and disease, breast milk lack of. Peanut cultivation management is also relatively strong technical.
Peanut fruit for pods, usually divided into medium three, have cocoon shape, beaded form and hockey stick form. Cocoon of pods, 2 PCS have a seed beads form and hockey stick form of pod, generally have more than 3 grain seed. The color of the shells was yellow-white, and a tan, brown, or yellow, it has to do with peanut varieties and soil. The seeds of ketchup shell known as peanuts or peanut, three parts by the seed coat and cotyledon and embryo. Color of skin is light brown or light red. Kind of leather for two pieces of cotyledon, white or ivory.
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This peanut slicing machine used for slicing peanut, almond, cashew kernel, walnut kernel and other nuts.
the peanut slicing machine from GELGOOG company equipped with pneumatic feeding device and slicing machine. Nuts to be included in the chute, by the pneumatic device to press the nuts into the knife dish, cut into thin nuts, slice thickness can adjust at will.
The blade is made of high quality high speed steel grinding, sharp edge, long service life.
The fuselage cover made by stainless steel plate, in line with food hygiene requirements.
peanut slicing machine


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