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GELGOOG Sesame Tahini Manufacturing Machine Factory

2019-08-02 by Tina

GELGOOG Sesame Tahini Manufacturing Machine Factory in Zhengzhou
The factory is built on the outskirts of Zhengzhou City and covers 3,200 square meters, it has a number of quality inspection certificates. Mainly produces food processing machinery, such as tahini making machine, which is the main equipment of the factory.
Sesame Tahini Manufacturing Machine
Whole production line includes sesame cleaning and peeling machine, dryer, roaster, grinding machine, cooling machine, vacuum tank, mixing tank, packaging machine and so on. Use a hoist between the machines to ensure continuous production.

The Characteristics of Sesame Tahini Manufacturing Machine
1. This sesame tahini line was designed by combined with domestic and foreign advanced technology and customer demand. 
2. It is mainly consists of cleaner and dryer machine, roaster, cooling machine, grinder, mixing machine and others.
3. The sesame butter machine has high automation, easy operation, no need one person.
4. Adopts advanced techonology, integrated control, stable performance, working continuously.
5. Tahini making machine is made of stainless steel 304, produced the product with high quality.

The fineness of finished sesame tahini prosuct is adjustable from 100-120mesh. If you need large capacity processing line, GELGOOG will provide you different models to choose. And we sincerely invite interested customers to come and visit our factory.


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