High-tech in the production of instant noodles

2016-11-22 by Ellie
The production of instant noodles in China began in 1970, and the annual production volume was 200 tons at that time. Through years of efforts, both production and consumption of instant noodles have increased a lot. In addition, with the improvement of processing technology and changes of market demand, the packaging methods, types of source are diversified. Of course, the processing machines have also been perfected. The packaging method has transformed from bag packaging to cup and bowl packaging which is more convenient.
The natural elimination rate of instant noodles is 1%-5%. In the past, the instant noodles industry only concentrated on convenience and delicacy. On the contrary, it begins to attach great importance on nutrition and health. Customers tend to pay attention to the sources instead of noodles. The value of sources for fried instant noodles will be increased, which is the main developing trend.
Generally speaking, when it comes to instant noodles, there are two aspects for customers to focus on, namely, the noodles and sources. As we all know, the production of instant noodles is completed by instant noodles machine with the development of food machinery industry.
 instant noodles machine
Dating back to the development history of instant noodles, it was misunderstood by consumers for a long time. As a matter of fact, there is no bad food, only bad diets. When eating instant noodle, eggs, vegetables, and other foods can be added in order to enhance the nutritious value.
In the future, the instant noodle production line will cooperate with industrial automation, to promote improvements of overall level of automatic packing equipment, with the development of multifunctional, high efficiency, and low energy consumption. In order to win the market share, reducing production costs, innovating products in management and technology have become the consensus between instant noodle enterprises. High-tech in the production of instant noodles has draw attentions from manufacturers increasingly. New technology, new materials, and new products are emerging constantly, and play an increasing part on the production process. Machinery equipment for producing instant noodles, especially the use of automatic packaging equipment will make the instant noodle production line more effective and integrated. 


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