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2016-11-23 by Tina
peanut butter making machine made of full stainless steel materials, peanut butter making machine role is to make the material by powerful shear force, friction force and the action such as high frequency vibration, effectively shatter, emulsion, homogeneous, temperature, to obtain satisfactory fine processing of the products.
Through different geometric shapes of the colloidal mills dynamic grinding with static grinding under high speed rotation of relative motion, self-respect, processed materials under the action of gas pressure and centrifugal force, through the variable annular gap by powerful scissors force, friction force and impact force, the role of the high frequency vibration, whirlpools and other complex force, the material can be effectively dispersed, crushing, emulsion, homogeneous, uniform mixing, and ideal of fine products.
peanut butter making machine is the most critical part move mill and mill and mechanical seal combination of three parts. So, according to the different nature of material being processed, its selection must also differ. But the material are made from stainless steel or special materials. Motor for special design depending on the type, mounted on the motor flange end water retaining plate, to prevent leakage.
Stator is made into conical shape, has the fine degree of ascending three-level sawtooth bumps and grooves. The stator can be adjusted to unlimited needed and the distance between the rotor. The depth of the dentition: from the beginning of the end of the 2.7 mm to 0.7 mm, range is larger, the scope, the greater the processing of material particle size is wider. Structured helical groove, the groove depth is different, each of the grinding head and helical flow volume from large down on to the next.
The peanut butter making machine from GELGOOG company structure simple, convenient maintenance equipment maintenance, suitable for high viscosity materials and large particles of the material.
peanut butter making machine


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