Rice Candy Plant Line With Advanced Technology

2016-11-22 by Lisa

Rice candy, rice grain pattern, mai tong, peanut candy, melon seeds, sesame candy, Sachima, oat chocolate, etc can be produced by this rice candy plant line. Can produce cylindrical, circular, square, triangle, heart shape, ball shape, plum shaped, semi-circular shape etc.It depends on your needs.
Salient features:

rice candy plant line

1,models are combined with all the advantages and functions of this industry, at the same time it mainly used for peanut candy, rice flower sugar, rice grain pattern, melon seeds sugar, etc.
2,can produce a lot of shapes, there are spherical, love shaped, round cake, round bar, semi circle, triangle, plum shaped.You can customize the shape you like.
3,soft mechanical pressure, does not damage the nuts particles, forming beautiful; direct molding, no rework material costs and loss.
4,the whole machine with a mechanical drive,no need for air pump, positioning is very accurate; the upper and lower die forming together, the effect is very good.
5,the configuration of high-performance inverter, speed, convenient, high efficiency, stable performance, can be 24 hours of continuous production.
6,mold.Hopper and other aspects are done to prevent sticking treatment.
7,all parts of the food that are exposed to the food are non-toxic and have high temperature resistance.
8,self cooling conveyor link, can be according to the required to change the length, or the installation of cooling fan, in order to improve the cooling effect.

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