How much do you know about peanut wet peeling machine?

2016-11-07 by Tina
peanut wet peeling machine
  The main purpose: take off peanut red coat
  Red peanut wet peeling machine is peanuts, soybeans, almonds, beans and other raw materials are poured into the hopper, the vibration into the rotating wheel, a feeding wheel, by inducing effect, by the knife the knife blade on the raw skin incision, and then discharging wheel after peeling rice, beans kernel, pressed into the hopper, and in a discharge hopper, through the skin peeled round out.
  Peanut wet peeling machine by the wet process, is to remove the peanuts red (also known as stripping equipment). Widely used for fried peanuts, peanut, peanut protein strip PRE flavored milk, rice pudding and peanuts sauce and canned products (skin) treatment. This machine is unique in that it a high rate of strip after peanuts are not broken, the color white, surface browning, protein invariance. Strip (skin) at the same time, the automatic separation of picometers exclusion, small volume, low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy to operate.
   peanut wet peeling machine, is a good peanut by blisters feeding mechanism into each of the two adjacent rubber friction ring gap, from the feed wheel and the blade with the peanuts red draw knife, rubber friction ring in advance clearance, friction and advance to the pressing wheel and the limiting rod, peeling peanuts fall into the spiral chute, spiral shaft put peanut peeling to an inverse sheet discharged from the outlet, take off the red peanut rinsed in water under the action of pressure wheel and limit by red light bars behind the dial wheel dial to export red tray discharge.
  Peanut will dry (fruit) dip in the pool, after soaking immediately after the remove and covered with plastic film for about 1 days, and then drying in the sun, such as peanut dry suitable after the start of peanut peeling machine peeling.


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