Something you should know about peanut wet peeling machine

2016-11-07 by Tina
  Peanut wet peeling machine rolling by peeling rubber ring in the roller, leaving a gap between the rubber ring, soaked peanuts by a pressing wheel by two ring gap squeezed out, the peanut peeling machine peeling mechanism to stripped the red peanuts, characterized in that:
  1, fixed on the frame a spray pipe, pressing wheel on the top of the peanut wet peeling machine, spray pipe length and width direction of rubber ring peeling, the spray pipe is provided with a plurality of spray holes, Each spray hole is facing each binder wheel.
  2, all of the hinged point installed to eliminate the gap shock absorbing sleeve inside the steel sleeve, the end of the connecting rod is provided with rigid connection, set inside a rubber sleeve size longer than the sleeve, the bolt through the rubber sleeve in the center and the two end of the horn shaped seat, sit at the same time or shape corners respectively another connecting parts, bolt tightening a nut.
   3, all the rest are in a straight line with the three fixed rods according to the design of the space are connected together, the fixed rod is fixed on the side wall of the frame, the turret three fixed rod hole forming two equal spacing interval between them and the side of the hole forming a long groove to the side the edge of the opening, the other side of the hole to the other side of the opening of the long hole.
  4, peanut wet peeling machine peeling ring position limit smooth circular shaft head is additionally provided with a driven sprocket, the drive sprocket is located in the side of the swing axle skin head, intermediate chain drive, smooth circular shaft line speed and peeling apron speed are equal. E, a compensation increase between the hopper and the crank connecting crank crank, compensation for rigid shaped glasses, shaft bolt joint connecting rod in the original outlet hopper connected at one end, the other end of the flexible hinge clearance damping sleeve.

peanut wet peeling machine

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