Sesame Tahini Processing Line

2018-06-12 by Tina
Why people like eat sesame tahini? Sesame tahini is rich in protein, Amino acids and vitamins and minerals, has a high value of health care. Do you know how to use sesame tahini processing line to make seame tahini?
Peanut butter production line can produce high quality stable peanut butter, granular peanut butter and common peanut butter. It can also produce stable and regular sesame tahini. Main equipment of sesame tahini processing line: roasting machine, cooling belt, peeling machine, picking belt, metal detector, coarse grinding machine, ultra-fine grinding machine, condensing machine, degassing tank, sesame butter filling machine.
Sesame tahini processing line must be the good equipment for making sesame tahini, the equipment is our company after a lot of research and development, manufacturing, quality, production of sesame paste production is big, customers have more choices. Sesame tahini processing line according to the market demand, a number of improvements and optimization, processing further refined. Characteristics of simple operation, stable running, low noise, easy maintenance, corrosion resistance, wide application, variety complete, high mechanization degree, good reliability, full enclosed production, popular at home and abroad market.

Sesame tahini is so delicious, the flavor of more and more people like it, if you want to start this business, please choose our sesame tahini processing line, our machine can make the high quality for you, big production of sesame paste. Good quality and perfect after-sales service make you buy at ease.

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