How the potato starch processing industry to improve the competitiveness

2016-10-20 by admin
In China, the potato starch processing industry is an emerging industry, especially the staple food of potato, and the industry has been paid more and more attention. However, due to the optimization of the production of potato starch and the government subsidy, the production cost of potato starch is low, which has a great impact on potato starch industry in China. To change this adverse situation, to speed up the breeding of special varieties of starch processing potato varieties in China has become a top priority.
Requirements of special type of potato varieties of potato processing industry is relatively high, but for a long time of potato breeding in China emphasize the crop rather than the quality, so high starch varieties is very scarce, not supporting by cultivation techniques, not formed industrial production mode, which seriously restrict the development of potato starch processing industry in China.
So how can the potato starch processing industry improve the competitiveness? I think not only in China, nut also in some other countries all over the world, there must a country, region, or a city has the same problem like us. When faced with such phenomenon, we should take some measures to improve it.

potato starch processing line

In recent years, our government has carried out a lot of policies to encourage the development of food processing technology and equipment, and one of the key industries is the potato starch processing industry.
Therefore, as a response to the policy, more and more research and development of  the food processing machine has been done, and there are many new functions and advantage for the equipment in the market, and the yield of foods in our country has been improved year by year.
With the continuous improvement of technology and equipment, various machines are exported to other countries in the world, and our company specializes in all kind of food processing machines, such as the packaging machine, automatic potato washing and peeling machine, automatic potato frying machine, and the most important thing is that we have a whole set of potato starch processing line.

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