How to Make Fresh Noodles for Large Production

2018-10-16 by admin
How to make fresh noodles for large production? You can choose a manufacturer to choose a machine. Our company in Zhengzhou city engaged in the noodle machinery industry for many years, has a wealth of experience to manufacture a variety of noodle equipment. Fresh noodle machine is easy operation, maintenance is simple and convenient, large capacity production, machine work sound small, no vibration, superior performance, with high-yielding and efficient, time-saving, easy operation and other advantages. and the processing cost of noodle machine is low: small footprint, small noise, the machine to the processing of noodles will not produce any damage. Head can be replaced, a machine after the replacement of different specifications of the face knife can be made of various specifications of the noodles, rolled out the surface with a uniform smooth, one-time molding.
Fresh Noodles Machine
The fresh noodles machine is factory after many years of production experience, save time, labor, to ensure a good quality noodle, the machine design reasonable, noodle shape depends on the size of the cutting knife. Noodle machine humanized design, strong power, the thickness of its noodles can be adjusted. One machine only one operation, the production of noodles toughness, good taste. Customers to buy fresh noodle machines, we can teach customers to operate and show theirs machine installation video. The fuselage uses the high quality steel, the surface is smooth, is the hotel, the restaurant, the food processing plant, the unit canteen and the individual catering industry production noodles food ideal mechanical product.
How to Make Fresh Noodles
The automatic fresh noodles machine has low noise, easy to clean, good taste, compact structure and a combination of surface roll arrangement. Transmission power is accurate and efficient, each equipment is for different people demand, is the ideal product for large and medium-sized noodle production enterprises. Cater to multi-level consumer groups of different tastes and choices of nutrition, products in line with National health standards, safety and health, feeder board clean and hygienic. Using this noodles machine, you can produce large production of fresh noodles.


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