How to add cube sugar in coffee?

2016-11-17 by Tina
Place after the pick up of sugar with sugar, can not be directly thrown in, throw it into it? Splashing, then it might spill on to clothes, so our advice is what? Is to use your left hand on the spoon, and then put it in, sugar tongs back, then stir in the right hand gently to, don't say that, of course, sugar immediately stir in it, because it has a melting process, don't make this kind of sound, stir gently along the bottom of the cup so to stir, including sugar, too, if sugar haven't melt is likely because you will touch it make a sound.
Cube sugar processing line can produce cube sugar, the cube sugar processing line including sugar grinding machine, mixed spiral feeding machine, sugar making machine, tablet linkage conveyor, drying tunnel, cooling machine and semi-automatic sugar carton packing machine.
cube sugar processing line
The cube sugar processing steps is grinding sugar into needed fineness to standby application, then mixing and feeding the grinding sugar powder into the sugar forming machine through spiral feeder, after the hydraulic pressure sugar making machine, can get ideal different size and shape cube sugar, then transport sugar to drying tunnel by tablet linkage conveyor to make sure remove excess water into sugar so that facilitate the late packaging and storage; after the drying tunnel needs to cooling the sugar and then packing into carton, box or bags according to different demand.
1. This machine is the most advanced sugar cube equipment, with reasonable structure, smooth operation, long service life, clean rate higher characteristic.
2.By changing the molds, this plant is able to produce various shape of high quality sugar cube such as square sugar, heart-shaped sugar and special shape sugar cube.
3. We have hydraulic type and pneumatic type cube sugar making machine for your choose.
4. High automatic, stand-alone machine can be controlled separately, simple operation and easy maintenance, reliable performance, simple construction stable operation, long service life.


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