The production process of the peanut butter

2016-11-17 by Tina
This peanut butter production  line was designed by reference of the foreign tech. It consisted of feed elevator, continuous roaster, conveyor, cooling machine, peeling machine, sorting conveyor, grinding machines, pump, storage slot, cooling machine, mixing machine, vacuum deair, etc. It has advantages of high automation, easy-operating integrated control, stable performance, high product quality, etc.
This production line can used for production of the peanut butter,sesame paste/tahini,Almond Butter.It is an ideal equipment for food processing plant.
Roasting oven: This oven is used to roast peanuts.
Cooling belt: Use the fan out of the heat principle, cooling the roasted peanuts.
Peeling machine: Peel the peanuts after drying and baking, skin and peanuts separate automatically in the process of peeling, ensuring the quality of the peanut after peeling.
Selecting belt: Unqualified peanuts and food residue will be picked out.
Coarse grinding machine: First grinding the peanuts.
Fine grinding machine: The peanuts need further grinding after the rough grinding, processing fineness further improved.
Peanut butter and cooling condensing machine: Cooling the peanut butter after grinding.
Degassing tank: Peanut butter needs to degas before filling.
The butter produced by this line can be 2-60um thickness, the homogeneous ratio can be above 95%. It is the ideal processing equipment to produce peanut butter, sesame soy, soybean paste, etc.
The character is high automation,good reliability,full enclosed production,No pollution,the finished peanut butter has the export standard.The detailed technology and capacity can be customize according to the customer requirements.
This peanut butter production line can produce natural peanut butter,stable peanut butter,smooth type peanut butter,salty peanut butter,sweet peanut butter,particle type peanut butter and so on,it also can produce the tahini and walnut butter,can be equipped with variety of configuration and capacity according to the different customer requirements.In a word,this production line has the advanced technology,stable quality of products.It a best choice for food processing plant.
peanut butter production line


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