Peanut roasting machine for sell

2016-11-17 by Tina
The peanut roasting machine is according to GELGOOG factory for many years production experience, the comparison of domestic and foreign similar products, integrated the advantages of electric oven to develop a new type of high efficiency and energy saving furnace, baking products taste pure. Energy saving safety, health and convenient, fast, stable performance, less consumption, low running cost, long service life, the advantages of easy operation and maintenance, the baking quality meet the food hygiene standards and international standards.
This peanut roasting machine machine is mainly used in food processing industry, legumes, nuts, nuts, such as peanuts, white rice, boiled spicy peanut, melon seeds, almonds, chestnuts, beans, etc to reduce moisture drying, baked goods.
The machine by electric heat pipe as heat source, adopting rotary cage, heat conduction and thermal radiation theory, the automatic temperature control device; With hot air as drying medium, the heat effect on baking objects, in the baking process was roasted in the cage by the propulsion system constantly improve, form a continuous loop, heated evenly, effectively ensuring the quality of baking.
This product is new time control functions: open the time controller. The controller used to cook them material, material inside the oven baked to switch to the time, warning light alarm, close the controller.
The peanut roasting machine from GELGOOG company has rock wool insulation board 5-10cm. Between stainless steel drum and machine shell, there is rock wool insulation in case of heat spread it out, increase roasting drum temperature, save energy.
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Peanut roasting machine


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