Stainless steel cube sugar grinder machine

2016-11-17 by Tina
Stainless steel does not produce corrosion, pitting, corrosion or wear and tear, corrosion resistance, enhance the strength and deformation of steel is not easy to broken and environmental performance, not easy to rust. Suitable for bad environment (wet, households inside and outside environment, such as acid and alkali) using some of the hardware facilities, public environment and if spray paint surface, can make a higher adhesion strength.
The cube sugar grinder machine from GELGOOG adopt stainless steel material.
cube sugar grinder machine regulated, the motor drives the spindle and turbine at high speed. Circle on the turbine and sieve grinding block composes the crushing, grinding, when material from the hopper into the machine cavity, friction material in the rotation of the turbine flow closely and strongly impact on the inside of the turbine blades, and again in the blade gap between grinding block and grinding. At the same time of crushing material, turbine inhalation of air, the air played a cooling machine, grinding material and the effect of fines. Material crushing fineness depends on the nature of the material and the size of the screen, as well as the material and the air by volume.
1, crushing ability, low energy consumption, relatively small product fineness.
2, crushing space, the turbine operation of high-intensity wind pressure generated, not only can increase production capacity and reduce the phenomenon of over-crushing, and can effectively avoid the material in the process of crushing the production of the screen deposition and blocking phenomenon.
3, due to enhanced shear, and therefore the crushing capacity of the fibrous material than the general high-capacity equipment.
4, the installation of screen, positioning and reliable, are used plug-in. It will use life relative to the ring screen form a lot higher.
5, the host using water cooling, the whole machine with SUS304 stainless steel production, in line with GMP production requirements.
cube sugar grinder machine


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