How to Make Fried Peanuts More Crisp?

2016-11-16 by Leo
fried peanuts
  Fried peanuts is a kind of delicious snack that almost everyone can cook.However,it seems that it’s very easy to fry peanuts.However,not all of us can fry peanuts perfectly.Nowadays we commonly use peanuts frying machines to process peanuts.As a matter of fact,even this snack is easy to cook,but there are many tips.We just need to grasp the key points,we will produce crisp and beautiful fried peanuts.
  And following are the detail procedures and useful tips:
    1.Prepare some peanuts.But before we take further actions,we need to wash them with clean water,but not soak them.After that,get the wet peanuts dry by airing naturally.Thus,the peanuts that have been put in water will hardly get black of the surfaces.
    2.Put proper amount of peanuts oil in the cold pan.But we gotta control the amount.Make sure we don’t add too much oil.We just need to make the amount as much as usual.The reason that we use peanut oil is this method can save oil.
    3.About frying peanuts,there is one thing we need to remember which is that we need to choose cold pan,cold oil and cold peanuts.Then after putting proper peanuts in the pan,we’d better spread them averagely.
    4.When we are frying peanuts,it will be better if we use soft fire and constantly stir the pan to make sure that the peanuts in the pan can be heated averagely.And when we hear the sounds of “snapping”,we can use a pair of chopsticks or a spoon to take out some peanuts and taste to judge if they have been fried to enough extent.If the taste of “raw” has disappeared,at the time,we can turn off the fire to stop heating.But don’t turn off fire till the peanuts get crisp.Because the left heat of oil will make the peanuts burned.
    5.After turning off fire,use a pair of chopsticks and dip in wine and spread on the peanuts.Thus the peanuts will become fragrant and won’t be easily affected with damp.
    6.Final tip:Spread proper salt after the temperature of the peanuts get a little colder.This will keep the slat not easily melted and will make the peanuts look more beautiful.


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