Are Fried Foods Useless?

2016-11-16 by Leo
  In the contemporary society,enterprises use frying machines to fry various foods.And a lot of people love to eat fried foods.However,fried foods can’t be accepted by everyone.Many people are confused with the following questions.
  First question:Chinese people love to eat fried foods in breakfast.For example,fried bread sticks,fried dough cakes.And in many cities,this is a common tradition.So why do Chinese people love to eat fried foods in breakfast?If fried foods are harmful and useless,why do the ancestors were used to eating fried foods in the morning?
  Second question:If we ignore the above question.Is it the best choice that eating fried foods in the morning?Since working for a day will consume bodies’ heat and the efficiency of human bodies’ metabolism.Therefore,will eating fried foods do much harm to people’s bodies?
  These questions sound pretty representative.Eating high-fat foods is the nature of human.Not only Chinese people like eating fried foods.Every country’s people love fried foods.Western people are fond of eating fried nuggets,fried bread rings and potato chips.
  Actually,such situation is not strange at all.Because during the long-period evolutionary of human,what makes humans afraid the most is starving.Therefore,humans love the foods that are possessed of high energy.And high-fat and high-sugar are the presents of high-energy.So people think that such foods taste delicious.As a matter of fact,taste preferences is a kind of genetic adaptation.But as time changes,humans’ diets have become various.In the past,people were afraid of starving.Nowadays,people hope to eat much and don’t get fat.And what upset people is diseases.
  For thousands of years,high-fat foods didn’t show the obvious harms due to the following several reasons:
    1.In the past,people did a lot of hard work everyday.Ever people ate high-fat foods.They could be digested.People could eat fried foods to absorb enough energy.And the contemporary situation is that many people sit in offices for all day.So who will no longer need high-fat and high-energy foods anymore like the past?
    2.In the past,people used to cook foods adding little oil.But looking back at the present situation.Various foods are possessed of much oil and fat.
    3.In the past,people were very poor and don’t have much money to buy high-fat foods.They used to eat various coarse food grains and vegetables.And these kinds of foods are good for health.Now,that circumstance has disappeared.
    4.People used to live averagely for less than 40 years.30 years ago,the lifetime was about 60.They barely had the chance to consider chronic diseases that may happen in the later stages of the lifetime.And now,people can live to 80 years old and even longer.Humans have more concerns than the past.
  In a word,for those people who don’t do physical works,eating fried foods is not so beneficial.And eating fried foods in the morning can be the sufficient reason. 


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