The Advantages of Our Potato Chips Processing Plant

2016-11-16 by Leo
potato chips
  Since the beginning of human beings,foods has become the most important subject.And with the long-term development of humans’ culture,foods have become especially various,so do the measure and tools that we use to make foods.
  Nowadays,potato chips is one very popular fast-food that are widely enjoyed by people around the world.A lot of people are fond of eating potato chips.In the past,we may only make fried potato chips by our hands.As technology develops,now potato chips can be effectively produced by potato chips production line that are consisted of many useful machines.
potato chips processing machine
  And following are some detail advantages and features of our potato chips production line.
  First,this line consists of vacuum flour mixer,elevator,calender group,forming machine,drying line,frying machine,vibration oil removing machine,air drying deoiling machine and seasoning machine.
  Then the processing procedures are as following:
  Raw material mixing,dough rolling,dough molding,air drying,frying,excess oil removing,air drying deoiling and flavoring.
    1.Automatic.This production line adopts PLC technology.PLC means programmable logical controller.It can control machines to take accurate actions as long as we have inputted programs.This production line will automatically run without many operations.
    2.Safe.The equipment is made of stainless steel material.This kind of steel is often used as food processing machines.Thus,the machines are very safe.What’s more,the quality of products can be guaranteed.After,safety and health are the most important things that should be made sure of all the time for production and consumers.
    3.Continuous.This production line can work constantly for a long period.Thus,it will save much time.
    4.Efficient.Due to the features of automatic and continuous,this production line can produce more amount of products during the same period.
    5.Customizable.In actual producing process,the situations are changeable.Therefore,the size or other characteristics should fit with actual demands.So our machines can be adjusted for consumers’ demands.The moulds can be adjusted to meet real requests.And the pattern of heating can also be adjusted to be electricity heating,gas heating or coal heating.
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