How to Make Namak Pare Snacks Commercially?

2020-05-13 by Lisa
Namak pare, also name nimki or nimkin, is a crunchy savoury snack eaten in the Indian Subcontinent. Do you know how to make namak pare? The following is its basic processing flow.
Process: mixing dough --- pressing --- cutting --- frying --- seasoning
1. Prepare water, wheat flour, ghee, salt and other materials, use a dough mixer to stir, and mix evenly.
2. Take out the prepared dough and use a tablet machine to press the dough into a thickness of 3-15 mm to facilitate the next cutting.
Commercial Namak Pare Cutting Machine For Sale
3. Namak pare cutting machine can cut the dough sheet into a rectangle, and it can also be diamond, strip, curve and other shapes.
4. The temperature of the oil is also a very important factor. Fully heat the oil, then lower the heat, our namak pare fryer machine can adjust the temperature freely, which is very convenient.
5. You can add flavoring to Namak Pare dough according to your preferences. We have special seasoning machine that can fully mix food and seasonings.
6. If you want to keep this product longer, you can use a packaging machine to pack the product in bags or bottles.

Tips of How to Make Namak Pare
1. Namak pare cutting machine with 5 knives can be used to make products of different shapes and sizes, tool can also be customized.
2. Cut the size of the namak pare: length within 280 mm, width 0-40 mm, thickness 3-15 mm.

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