Snack Nimki Frying Machine|Shakar Paray Fryer Machine in Pakistan

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Introduction of Snack Nimki Frying Machine
This continuous frying machine is suitable for various kinds of fried food like chicken nuggets, spring rolls, nimki, twist chips, potato chips, banana chips and many other snacks. It is widely used in food industry with large capacity.

The shakar paray fryer machine always works together with other machines, such as deoiling machine, seasoning machine, packing machine, to combine one whole production line.
Nimki Frying Machine For Sale

Features and Advantages of Shakar Paray Fryer Machine in Pakistan
1. Double mesh belt design to avoid floating, so that the finished product is completely immersed in oil, to ensure uniform and good frying effect.
2. The speed of the conveyor belt can be adjusted according to different frying schemes of different products, and the frying time can also be adjusted.
3. With automatic lifting system, the body (frying material part) can automatically rise and fall. It is easy to clean the machine and save manpower.
4. Electricity, natural gas or diesel are used as the power source of the machine. Different customers have different choices, depending on your local use.
5. The gas or diesel model uses the advanced and reliable brand burner imported from Italy, which has the advantages of fuel saving, low noise, preventing heat loss.
Industrial Nimki Shakar Paray Snack Fryer Machine in Pakistan
Use Ranges of Nimki Frying Machine
Fried food is more and more popolar in market because of it's good taste. Our company nimki frying machine can make the fried food crispy, good appearance. It is suitable for chin chin, shankar pali, matdongsan, khurma, namak pare and so on. 

Working Video of Shakar Paray Fryer Machine in Pakistan

Technical Data
Model GG-LZE3500A
Heating Type Electric
Power Convey1.5, Hoist 0.75, Heat100 KW
Size 3700*1400*2300 MM
Weight 800 KG
Capacity 200 KG/H
Mesh Belt Width 800 MM
Oil discharge 800L

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