How to Make Easy Peanut Brittle?

2019-08-05 by Lisa
Using peanut brittle machine to make peanut candy is the simplest and most efficient method. Its large production capacity, uniform size of peanut candy and adjustable thickness are the best equipment to start the peanut candy business.
Peanut Brittle Machine
The peanut candy machine made by our company is semi-automatic operation, suitable for small-yield peanut candy producers. It produces peanut chikki with a smooth surface and uniform thickness. It is specially used for peanut candy, sachima manufacturing.

How to Make Peanut Brittle Commercially?

What Advantages of Commercial Peanut Brittle Machine?
1. This peanut brittle making machine is made of stainless steel 304, it is corrosion resistant and resistant to rust.
2. It has a large production ability, used for commercial use, not home use.
3. Widely used, it can make peanut candy, peanut chikki, sachima, sesame candy bar and so on.
4. This peanut brittle machine is easy to operate, peanut candy product with good appearance.

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