How to production cube sugar

2016-06-24 by admin
Extracting sugar production from sugar cane or sugar beet plants. Products include white sugar, brown sugar, cotton, sugar, sugar and rock sugar, collectively referred to sugar. Stem beet and cane roots contain 12% to 18% sucrose, and a number of its non-soluble sugars (including a nitrogen-containing organic compounds and nitrogen and minerals) coexist in the cytosol parenchyma, that sugar juice. Percolation process is the use of sugar or syrup made press and then removing the non-sugar components, and then by evaporation, concentration and crystallization of boiling sugar, honey and finally centrifuged machine points to the white sugar liquor derived products, not containing crystallized sugar part and most of the non-sugar liquor that is molasses.

Sugar cane process includes: ① juice extraction. Cane transport belt in the press shop was quickly rotating chopping knife group, then by tearing crusher, and then continuously by 4-7 sets three-roller press sequentially squeeze juice. Torn by the machine and the first press juice flowing said mixed juice. ② clean. Mixed juice contains a variety of non-sugar, post-processing can be further processed shall be clean. Wider application of methods and lime method sulfite clean method. Lime method used for manufacture of cane sugar. ③ evaporated. After clean after the juice into the preheated drum interior heating vapor evaporation tank barrel legislation, which leads to hot steam, so that the juice is heated and concentrated by evaporation, it can become a cook crystallization of the sugar syrup. ④ boiling sugar to help grain, honey points. The syrup is pumped into evaporation pans further heated under vacuum. Be concentrated by evaporation to a certain degree of supersaturation, the crystal can be put into play with powdered sugar. Then continue in syrup or molasses is added, the grain growing up, until the whole tank containing crystal formation rate and stock concentration are in compliance sugar paste, you can put cans. Released by the co-crystal sugar paste honey flows into the groove machine, using centrifugal force to divide the mother liquor, washed with crystalline sugar by fetching water left in the machine, and discharged after drying sugar products. The separated mother liquor, molasses that is also the 2nd, 3rd cooked sugar, honey points. ⑤ raw sugar refining. Molasses is added after the first wash in the original syrup was separated by a centrifuge again, and washed grains, plus a small amount of lime and filtered through Celite; decolorization was then refined sugar.

cube sugar machine

Beet sugar process: Wash beets cut by cutters shaped angle iron Caisi continuously leaking into the device after the reverse convection with hot water, so Caisi in sugar and non-sugar portion of the diffusion of water was oozing juice . Cleaner, weight, the double carbonation clean process is basically the same process with the sugar cane juice obtained after.

In addition to sugar, sugar products outside can also be made more sugar products: ① soft white sugar. China's major sugar beet products, prepared in the same white sugar, just from the number of grains of sugar when cooking more, raising grain shorter time, after sub-honey plus 2% invert syrup, dried pulverized to obtain. ②cube sugar. By boiling sugar, raise the grain, the grain size of a modest, time division honey grain surface to retain a small amount of water, then hot wet layering sugar, diced, and drying to obtain. ③ sugar. Commonly used method crystallized on standing. The upcoming white sugar dissolves, add water, boil, add a small amount of milk or protein, by thermal coagulation of proteins in which the elimination of impurities and filtered to give a clear syrup on the open pot boiled syrup. Crystallization nuclei placed in a container, sugar around the nuclei gradually raised, and then by sub honey, drying derived. ④ liquid sugar. Refined sugar dissolved in water or syrup plus a small amount of powdered activated carbon filter can be obtained.

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