How Does Fried Instant Noodles Production Line Works?

2018-10-17 by admin

The main process of the fried instant noodles production line is feeding-mixing-wake-up-calendering-shred-cooking-cut-frying-air cooled-packaging
1. Mixed flour, starch in the mixing machine mixed evenly, adding a quantitative salt water, made of plastic, extensibility, adhesion of the wet dough.
2. The function of the awake surface is cured, the loose dough is put into a low-speed stirring vessel, and the process of dough is improved by the time at room temperature, and the dough is more fully and evenly through curing.
3. Calendering Composite rolling principle: The loose dough in the wake groove through a feeding mechanism, feeding into the roll, forming a patch, two-sided pieces of composite into a patch, called composite, the composite after the patch thickness, can not be directly used to cut noodles, must be thin to be used for processing noodles.
4. Shred: Cut the face with a cut to grow square or round spaghetti. The process requirements for forming a thin strip are: smooth noodles, no strips, corrugated, proper density, and branches equal.
5. Cooking principle: starch particles in flour absorption of water, in a certain temperature, humidity rapid expansion and rupture, its molecular structure from a tightly aligned beta state to α (disorder) state changes, called starch gelatinization, noodle cooking mainly to achieve this process.
6. Frying is to put the quantitative cut-off of the face block into the automatic frying machine in the box to make it continuous through the high temperature oil trough.

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