The main technical used on wafer biscuit production line and operating principle

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The main technical used on wafer biscuit production line and operating principle
Technology and Functions
· Material: Imports of stainless steel SEW motor PU food conveyor belt
· Control part of Mitsubishi or Siemens color touch screen. You can set the speed and production settings wafer block layers
· Sets wafer cake layers as follows: 2 to 6 layers
· Chu cream bucket with a heating device
· Manually adjust the thickness of cream, with the thickness of the scale display
Can be two or three design applicator apparatus according to the needs of users, is made of different colors or different wafer sandwich materials
· Shape dimensions (length × width × height): 1.65m × 0.7m × 1.5m
· Total power: 3.15KW
wafer biscuit production line

Wafer biscuit production line, wafer biscuit production equipment, including: 400,600,1000 three, that is the main working width respectively 400,600,1000mm, the largest production capacity were middle class 2 tons, 4 tons, seven tons. Far infrared heating, superconducting liquid heating, gas baking, temperature-controlled adjustable, belt drive, variable speed, water production. The main single are: tune powder machine, laminating machine, roll-cut or roll printing molding machine, sugar and salt spreaders, tunnel oven, 1800 turning machines, injection machine, cooling conveyor, sorting machine and the like. We can produce all kinds of cakes, toughness, ultra-thin, soda, sandwich high, medium and low-grade products.
one. Saltine crackers saltine crackers production line production equipment - Horizontal tune powder machine
Horizontal transfer powder machine with six paddle stirring blades, each adjustable powder 125-175kg, an inverted bucket, from the barrel device. Stirring dough quickly and evenly.
two. Saltine crackers saltine crackers production line production equipment - laminate machine
Laminating machine with biscuit molding machine supporting the use of equipment. The machine is dough percutaneous running back and forth, the car repeatedly laminated, layers are not limited to, device configuration crisp Caesar, after the laminated dough to the molding machine, the machine produced biscuits structured, crisp taste crispy, is to improve the quality of the main equipment biscuit grade is a necessary equipment of crackers.
Main features:
1, rolling effect, even in the face with a pressing thickness.
2, systematic control, easy to operate, tablet thickness (thickness adjusted by the digital display) and the number of stacks can be adjusted.
three. Saltine crackers saltine crackers production line production equipment - molding machine
Molding machine is an important equipment biscuit production line, the machine can be configured to cut roll, roll printing two types, can also be combined configuration. Function can be any combination, can be configured into the furnaces, sesame seeds, sugar spreader, advanced sound structure, roll - cut for the production of biscuit, roll printing used to produce shaped biscuit molding machine can be on the same production line production of various grades of multi-color cookies, so that the color, smell and taste in one, and flexible production machine can be used for thick and thin adjustment, low noise, high efficiency. Suitable for the production of various types of high, medium, salty, sweet, thick, thin biscuits.
four. Saltine crackers saltine crackers production line production equipment - far-infrared oven, superconducting oil oven, gas oven oven is important biscuit production equipment, with advanced technology and energy-efficient oven is the production of high quality biscuits and reduce prerequisites production costs.
<1> far-infrared oven structure is mainly heated by the furnace, far infrared elements (including far-infrared heating tube or quartz tube), oven conveying means, moisture exhaust system and electric control system.
main feature:
1, energy efficient: high thermal efficiency, energy-saving effect, more than 30%, and health conditions, long service life.
2, furnace unique design, thermal insulation performance exceeded the national standard requirements.
3, automatic temperature control oven, the control process repeatedly energized without power, to achieve uniform heat radiation density over the temperature to suit the different needs of biscuits, its high reliability, high precision adjustment, long life, easy to control, no noise.
<2> superconducting structure dominated by an oil furnace furnace, boiler conducting oil (including a series of tubing, pumps and valves). Oven transmission means and the exhaust system components tide. The boiler is at atmospheric pressure Gerdau oil heating, heat pump via the bypass road to the oil distribution in the furnace of pieces of tubing, radiant heat will heat up the furnace. The maximum temperature can reach 300 ℃, and convenient and reliable temperature and pressure of each temperature regulation.
<Three> gas oven
Bake controlled by the PLC program, divided into four zones, eight automatic temperature control, set the viewing window. Imported burner and gas control systems.

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