How to use peanut strip cutting machine?

2018-03-29 by Tina
This peanut strip cutting machine is used for cutting peanut, almond nut or other kinds of nuts into strips, widely used in food restaurant, snacks shops or nut processing factories. This peanut strip cutting machine is used on cutting peanut or almond in to strip shape, the strip size can be adjusted, high capacity, fast cutting speed, easy operation, advanced technology, multi-function, kinds of peanut slivering. It actually is used to cut peanut or almond into strip shape with 3-5mm. It is a professional peanuts and almonds slivering machine, final sliver good shaped, few powder left, high capacity, fast cutting speed, easy operating, advanced technology, multifunction, kinds of nuts slivering and stripping, made from full stainless steel material, hygiene and healthy, popular in peanut or almonds food process.   
peanut strip cutting machine
The peanut strip cutter machine consists of hopper, vibration feeding device, knife, cut roll and discharge screen and other parts. After 20 minutes soaking in hot water, peeled peanut can be cut into strip by this machine. Machine prepares half peanut kernel and send to cutters at right place by conveying groove. At the end of grooves, there will be cutter roll with corresponding blades. When peanut kernel pass there blades, will be cut into strip shape. Before using machine, check all driving parts, ensure there isn’t loose parts. After that, check all power connecting wire, bottom, ensure them connect well. All parts checking well, then start vibrating screen, blades, feeder. When finishing working, close feeder, blades, grading vibrating screen. When cutting peanut, in order to keep strip shape well, keep water content at 15%. Before cutting peanut, you’d better grade peanut which can make cut strip uniform. And peanut can not have impurity, in case of damage blades. Last, after some times usage, check and clean machine.

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