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2016-11-17 by Lisa
The peanut candy has quite deep historical origin, and then through GELGOOG food machinery for many years of continuous efforts and improvement in 2016, independent research and development of automatic peanut candy cutting machine.The peanut candy made out of the machine with crispy,entrance of slag, sweet but not greasy, it is this peanut candy, all consumers are praising delicious after eating.This delicious traditional snack food is crisp, crisp incomparable so the snack is worth more people to taste, to praise!   

peanut candy cutting machine

The machine is mainly used for the molding of peanut candy, peanut cake, caramel treats and so on. It has the characteristics of continuous feeding preloading and multi roller press roll forming, the products with smooth surface, moderate density, uniform thickness, and realize the automation and intelligent. The machine adopts frequency conversion technology, each action by the PLC control coordination accuracy, can be different products and processes to adjust the speed and thickness to achieve the best effect of product molding. 

The most prominent features of the machine:
1.The mixing, leveling, cut three process integrated with high production efficiency, save labor. 
2.The machine imitates the manual cutting principle and adopts advanced electric automatic control technology.
3.Automatic control of cutting speed, automatic feeding, automatic feeding and cutting.
4.Horizontal, vertical automatic cutting food,the food size can be customized. 
5.Product smooth and beautiful, uniform, high production efficiency. 
Widely used in automatic production of rice candy, Mitang freeze, peanut candy, melon seeds, sugar, egg, potato crisp, caramel treats.
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