The food machinery is the key factor for manufacturers

2016-11-17 by Ellie
According to relevant statistics, the global food industry has a mature market which is admired by other industries. In the past five years, the sales volume for packed food has increased 2% in the global range, and this date is enhancing all the time. At the same time, the safety problem which concerned by consumers is appearing. On the one hand, the whole volume of food industry is increasing, which is the main reason for safety problem. On the other hand, food safety consciousness is deepened in consumer’s mind. The food safety problem has existed long time ago, but with development of food industry, improvement of checking equipment, and the coming of information times, more and more problems are being exposed.
In fact, it is evitable for food machinery to take place of labor production. Firstly, the demand for food is enhancing with the increase of population, only by improving the production capacity can meet the requirements. Secondly, the labor cost is rising. If the enterprise wants to keep profits but meet production, it usually will choose to improve mechanical level, rather than employ workers. Last but not least, with the healthy consciousness of consumers deepening, they attach great importance to the food safety problem increasingly.
Mechanical production can not only decrease the pollution caused by human being, but also can make the quality of food more stable and in line with standards according to scientific measures. At the same time, high-tech diagnosis equipment, perfect transmission and automatic packaging system can guarantee the safety of food.
Frankly speaking, the production of noodles is a good representative. In the past, people used to make noodles with their hands, and no machinery was applied in the process. With the development of technology and science, the fresh noodle maker helps manufactures change the embarrassing situation.
fresh noodle maker
The automatic fresh noodle making machine is professional for dough sheet pressing, noodle forming and cutting, which also has the function of automatic hanging and drying. It is a perfect production line for making noodles and it is fully in line with the mechanical, automatic and intelligent trend of the food industry. What’s more, the forming width of knives can be customized according to customer’s demand, so what are you still waiting for, and there is another good news for you, the global sourcing festival is heating in the GELGOOG COMPANY, if orders are placed during this period, cash back activity will be enjoyed by customers.

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