The types of noodle making machine are various

2016-11-17 by Ellie
Noodle is a kind of traditional food in China, rich in types and tastes. With the coming of mechanical production period, the production technology of traditional noodles is also taking advantage of machines, becoming more convenient and simpler. After the noodle making machine entering into Chinese market, the application range and types of product is richer, no matter in the Chinese restaurant or in the western restaurant, with high demand of noodle making machine.
When it comes to the noodle making machine, it includes the dough making machine, fresh noodle maker, dumpling making machine, steamed bun making machine, rice noodle making machine, and so on. The dough making machine is the most widely used machine among them. In recent years, many foreign enterprises begin to invest and build plant in Chinese market. The enterprise who owns advanced production equipment, strong product design and research ability, and powerful fund capacity improves the maker share increasingly, building its own brand.
In terms of the dough making machine, it is an important machine in the process of noodle making, and plays a vital part in the noodle processing line. Although the dough making machine can help manufacturer reduce labor intensity and increase production efficiency, improper operation will cause accidents sometimes, As a result, there are some suggestions for manufactures to use dough making machine properly.
1.       The operator should wear working clothes, with the hair hiding into the working hat.
2.       The machine should be used by the person who is familiar with the performance of this machine.
3.       Check the electricity before using it.
4.       It should be added oil according to the requirements of machine maintenance.
5.       When the machine is operated, remember not to put your hands and other hard materials into the machine, in order to avoid the accident.
There will be more and more machines as the technology and equipment are innovated constantly, which will make contributions to the improvement of work efficiency and reduction of labor costs.

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