The eating difference between South China and North China

2016-11-17 by Ellie
If you have ever been to China, people will tell you the difference between South China and North China. In addition to the weather, the eating habit is an important aspect. In South China, most families like to eating rice as their staple food, while in North Chine, noodles are their favorable foods. However, the existence of stick makes a breakthrough to this situation. No matter in the south or north, people will store some stick noodles in their home as breakfast or dinner. Although the stick noodle has a long history in China, it has made progress in the food industry.
The production of stick noodles has experienced a long period, which can date back to Yuan Dynasty. With the change of times, the small workshop production method can’t suit the development of stick noodle industry. During the rapid development of food industry, the noodle making machine is widely used.
At present, the hand dough making and wind drying have been eliminated by many manufacturers, and have made a progress in taste, nutrition successfully. China is the largest country to consume stick noodle, but also the largest country to produce stick noodles. Therefore, the stick noodle making machines are researched and developed all the time which adopts the most advanced working principle and raw material.
stick noodle processing line.
Generally speaking, the equipment for production stick noodle is a whole set of stick noodle processing line. The marker demand determines that the production of stick noodle must be automatic, mechanical and intelligent, and the improvement of mechanical level becomes the key factor for the industry.
The macro situation is changing all the time, and almost all industries is faced with the opportunity and challenge brought by new social economy and technology, including the stick noodle industry.
The food machinery industry has a close relationship with food industry, in addition to its own charm and value, the machines for making stick noodle play an important role in this process. 


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