Mr coffee and Miss sugar

2016-11-25 by Tina
 Mr Coffee and Miss sugar met in a midsummer. May be somewhere casual glance, Yang
Just the light breeze, she left a shadow in his heart. One day, miss sugar passed through a feather
Stadium, saw a play of Mr Coffee, she didn't dare to look at him, may be sunshine is aspersed happened in cafe
Mr Brown, and she was afraid of was dyed red cheeks.
Miss sugar is a easy to impress people. And Mr Coffee know sincere was again. In this way,
Coffee and sugar together.
Miss sugar called sugar because she really like sugar, neatly, behave
Also bring some sweet. Why his name is Mr Coffee? Or maybe because he is very bitter, or for coffee
A lot of fancy, just like him.
Mr Coffee and Miss sugar, miss of be in love like the others, searching for and everything to do with love
On their own, want to have everything to give the other party. He could remember her every expression,
Said each sentence, each a different mood. They get too warm, in the only store them in
Then several meal in the hotel. She looked at him sweating on the court, he accompany her through the street.
Together they saw fleeting fireworks, imagine a bright future.
The development of coffee also promoted the development of the sugar.
The cube sugar processing line steps is grinding sugar into needed fineness to standby application, then mixing and feeding the grinding sugar powder into the sugar forming machine through spiral feeder, after the hydraulic pressure sugar making machine, can get ideal different size and shape cube sugar, then transport sugar to drying tunnel by tablet linkage conveyor to make sure remove excess water into sugar so that facilitate the late packaging and storage; after the drying tunnel needs to cooling the sugar and then packing into carton, box or bags according to different demand.
The sugar processing line including sugar grinding machine, mixed spiral feeding machine, sugar making machine, tablet linkage conveyor, drying tunnel, cooling machine and semi-automatic sugar carton packing machine. All the machine is made of high quality stainless steel, conforms to food standards, long service life and easy to maintain. Continuous sugar making machine can continuous production, high efficiency. Effectively improve the work efficiency and reduce the labor intensity.
cube sugar processing line


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