One-stop machine for producing rice noodles

2016-11-25 by Ellie
Generally speaking, the equipment for producing noodles is complicated, for example, fried instant noodle production line, stick noodle processing line, and non-fried instant noodle production line. They are composed of a variety of machines with different functions and features. However, there is a typical example, which can achieve the completed process of noodles with one machine, and that is the rice noodle making machine.
Do you know rice noodles? The rice noodle is also called cold noodles, and it is made of rice totally. In the past, the economy was not so developed that consumers were more willing to make rice noodles by hands at home. As a result, the market demand was not sufficient. However, with the development of society and economy, the demand of rice noodles is increasing, as many people are busy with their work, which stimulates the emergence of rice noodles production enterprises.
rice noodle making machine
How can rice noodle production enterprises to meet the huge market demand at present? It is the food machinery that makes it come true. In addition, the manufacturing machine of rice noodles can be completed by one machine, with the function of adding oil, molding, steaming, and cutting. It is also well known as multifunctional making machine.
rice noodle making machine
The automatic rice noodle making machine is suitable for restaurant, snack bar, and other food enterprises.
1)              With the raw material of stainless steel, clean, safe and durable.
2)              Using direct thermal heating, with fast heating speed.
3)              Low fuel consumption rate, it can save energy of more than 40% than ordinary rice noodle making machine.
4)              Production speed, thickness of noodles, and heating temperature can be adjusted.
5)              It can preserve the nutritious contents of rice to a great extent, not only nutritious, but also healthy and delicious.
6)              The spindle uses special steel, with strict heat treatment, making the service life longer.
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