The new opportunity of stick noodle industry

2016-11-25 by Ellie
According to a survey in the food industry, the difference between eating habit can determine many things, as the location of countries and regions is different, and they are characterized with different weather and cultivation conditions. In ancient China, people could figure out whether it is South China or North China through the difference on staple food. However, with the constant development of technology and equipment, stick noodles break this law. No matter where you live, stick noodles are essential for many families. Although stick noodles has a long history, there is a new opportunity for its development.
stick noodle processing line
In the past, stick noodles are made by hands, with the features of delicious taste and cheap prices, it has been popular among customers for a long time. With the deepening of globalization, the production and culture of stick noodles have been introduced to other countries and regions around the world.
As time goes by, the traditional production method can’t meet the market demand and the development of stick noodle industry. In the rapid development of food industry, noodles machinery become to be widely used. The earliest to be eliminated is process of natural drying, which is taken place by inside drying. Therefore, the production of stick noodles gets rid of the restriction of weather. What’s more, the application of drying equipment can reduce the pollution of noodles to a great extent, improve the quality of noodles. As a result, the noodle drying machine is installed into various noodle workshops and enterprises at a fast speed, and lays a foundation for mechanical level of stick noodle processing line. After that, the application of flour making machine, dough sheet pressing machine, and noodle hanging machine also begins to speed up.
stick noodle processing line
At present, many manufacturers have eliminated the laggard production mode of hand flour making, natural wind drying, and made a great progress on taste and nutrition. China is the largest country to consume stick noodles, as well as the largest country to produce stick noodles. The marker demand determines that the creation of stick noodle processing line is the inevitable trend.
The market situation is changing with no stop, almost all industries are faced with the challenge and opportunity brought by the changes of social economy and technology, including stick noodle industry. Under the circumstance of global consumption trend, how to increase the work efficiency and yield becomes the most important topic. 


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