Potato Processing Equipment

2017-02-06 by Lisa
Potato is a kind of food has been favored by people, the improvement of people's living standard also allows us to eat potatoes with different flavors, potatoes now can be processed into a variety of foods, like French fries, potato chips, cookies and so on.
potato chips
Processing has two kinds of traditional technology and modern technology, traditional technology is generally carried out by small-scale farmers processing units, the processing of potato product is single, modern technology is more suitable for small and medium-sized processing plants. Along with the rising cost of labor and market strict requirements for food safety standards, potato processing machinery arises at the historic moment, the potato processing industry gradually transition from tradition to modernization, mechanization and automation degree enhances unceasingly. Meanwhile, potato processing machinery technical level also with the change of market demand and continue to improve.

Our company GELGOOG Food Machinery is a professional produce the food machinery manufacturer, to maximize the use of potatoes, to produce potatoes into a variety of food. For example, potato chips, use the potato chips processing line, we can easy to operate, do not need a lot of time and manpower, only a few machines can complete the production of potato chips. Safety and health, saving time and money.

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