small peanut butter has a wonderful effect

2016-12-19 by Tina
 From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine: human body after summer, constitution and adaptability will decline, suitable through regulate diet to supply energy, enhance immunity. at the same time, the fall windy and dry weather, the temperature is still high, prone to "autumn dry" right now, are prone to heat, injured lung injury. Therefore, prevent dry autumn, nourishing is autumn health care principle, so autumn health on can nourish dry. Diet should be given priority to with warm light, eat foods high in sexual flavor GanPing has moisturizing effect, to oneself runfei, Yin "clear heat and tranquilize, strengthen the function of spleen and stomach, not suitable for too fat and big heat food, such as pear, lily, lotus root, lotus seeds, yam, tremella, sesame seeds, peanuts, dairy products, such as water bamboo, White radish , wax gourd" white "food is suitable for good health in the fall of the food.

The key to keeping in good health, in addition to the ingredients, also need the right match. In the Chinese diet culture, small sauce usually plays the key role of extraordinary: appropriate dressing can not only stimulate the ingredients well characteristics, but also can improve the nutrition of diet structure to a certain degree. Peanut butter, although not Chinese sauce, nutrition research shows that in recent years, the value of peanut butter is far greater than most traditional sauce, peanut butter contains rich protein, minerals, trace elements and a lot of B vitamins, vitamin E, etc., have fall blood pressure, fall hematic fat, for regenerative anemia, aid in the treatment of diabetes can play a role; In addition, the peanut butter contains tryptophan, can help to sleep. peanut butter is becoming more and more get people's attention, therefore, in the daily diet can also see the familiar silhouette of peanut butter.

This peanut butter production line can used for production of the peanut butter,sesame paste,sesame tahini,almond is an ideal equipment for food processing plant.

peanut butter production line


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