The working principle of the sesame peeling machine

2016-12-19 by Tina
The sesame peeling machine is specially used to peel the shell/hull from the sesame automatically. It will help you get the clean and hulled sesame seed in a fastest way. the machine is easy to operate, which is an indispensable machine in the sesame processing industry.

Sesame peeling machine or sesame processing plant can peel white sesame seed or black sesame seed. this plant technology needs alkaline water to soak the raw material and separate sesame skin and kernel by washing. this is the most advanced technology that can wash sesame kernel in sesame peeling process.Win Tone sesame processing plant has a reputation for being the most trustworthy, user-friendly and efficient sesame processing machinery available. Sesame processing plant is designed to peel sesame seed and improve sesame utilization value.

This sesame peeling machine is mainly composed of reducer, tanks, composite mixer, separator, heater, positioning device, the import and export of tube structure, etc.

Sesame peeling machine for vertical structure, can make full use of interior space, small volume, simple structure, good appearance, easy operation, low maintenance rate. Adopted type mixer, this kind of stirrer can produce axial diversion. Radial distribution and ring to shunt effect, material turn fully, no dead Angle. The use of compound agitator, shortens the sesame seeds in a covered, peeling, separation time, improve the production efficiency, improve the quality of the products.
Sesame to make use of to join a certain amount of caustic soda water invasion. reducer stirrer rotates, due to the structure characteristics of compound agitator, material circulation flip up and down, sesame and invasion of foam fluid mixed evenly and fully.

Working principle of the peeling process:
using the blender with relative friction between sesame seeds, sesame seeds and sesame seed, sesame and benevolence, so as to achieve the goal of sesame peeling.

sesame peeling machine


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