Something about the banana Chips Production Line should be known

2016-10-19 by admin
According to relevant statistics, India is one of the largest countries to produce bananas in the world, but the export volume in this country is small. Recently, the India government is going to export its bananas to China and determined to expand the Chinese market. Not only in India, but most countries in the world plant bananas because it is a kind of fruit liked by many people. When faced with huge yields of bananas, some countries export them to the regions lack of banana resources, and some countries encourage the development of the banana processing technology and equipment.
When it comes to the value of bananas, there are two aspects to consider, namely, nutritious value and medicine value.
As for the nutritious value of bananas, many people regard it as a perfect choice, especially for the people who are losing weight. The banana can not only help people to keep the energy they need, but also make their body well-shaped because the nutrition and other substances in it.
With the rapid development of leisure food, banana chips, as a new element in the market, are popular among the young and elderly, with the advantages of healthy and nutritious.
banana/plantain chips
Whether you are the importer or the exporter, is you are planning to process the banana, the important step is to choose a good banana cutting machine, because we live in an age where the appearance can determine the result after all, the banana chips with a nice shape must a good market definitely.
As a response to the market requirement, our company can provide our customers with the banana cutting machine like this.

The banana cutting machine is also suitable for potato, carrot, cassava, and cucumber.

banana chip production line

The multifunctional cutting machine can be adapted in food processing factory, catering industry, central kitchen, and vegetable processing enterprise. The machine uses the rotating blade to cut banana evenly, with a nice shape and size. The raw material is the stainless steel, healthy and clean, and the appearance is beautiful and easy to clean. The work efficiency is high and it can keep the nutrition of the banana to a great extent.

1.        The thickness of the finished slices can be adjusted.
2.       Vertical feeding makes the finished chips round and neat.
3.       Two feeding throats have double slicing yield.
4.        Safe operation and easy to clean, which can save costs.
5.       It is suitable for various round shaped fruits and vegetables
Therefore, if you are going to equip with a cutting machine like this, please contact with us with no hesitation, and we will give you a favorable price and enthusiastic service to you.

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