How Much Do You Know About Ice Cream Cone Making Machine?

2019-03-27 by admin
Ice cream cone making machine is used by food manufacturers to produce a variety of ice cream cones, manufacturers according to their actual needs to choose the right cone machine, different machines to produce different sizes and shapes of ice cream cone.
Ice Cream Cone Making Machine
Here this GG-32C model ice cream cone machine also named wafer cone making machine, it helps users make wafer cones with various shapes and sizes, an average of one hour can make 800-1000 pieces wafer cones.

Information of Ice Cream Cone Making Machine
The machine is used to make ice cream cone with high quality and good appearance. Machine is simple to operate, it is unnecessary for you to employ professional workers, which can help you save cost. The molds is various, and we also can customize the molds for our customers.

In addition to this 32-mode, we have other models cone making machines, different yields: large, medium and small production. We have semi-automatic and fully automatic operation equipment.
Ice Cream Cone Machine Mould
Ice Cream Cone Making Machine Characteristics
1. Made up of stainless steel, health and hygiene and use long time.
2. Easy to operate, one person can operate it absolutely, both men and women.
3. The temperature of upper and lower mould can be adjusted by your demand.
4. Supply different molds for various size and shape cones making, just replace the molds according to your needs.
ice cream

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