Why People Like to Eat Fried Food?

2018-07-10 by Leo
Fried foods produced by food frying machine are profoundly enjoyed by consumers for the delicious taste. There are many advantages of fried foods.
food frying machine
1. Oil has high specific heat capacity and smoke-point. Thus it can save a lot of energy and make materials done cooking very soon. After preliminary processing, the temperature of materials is commonly 20 degrees. According to the heat transfer theory, the capacity of heat transmission is in direct proportion to the temperature difference among different objects. To the materials,we can consider the temperature to be constant. Therefore, if the temperature of the medium gets higher, the heat absorbed by unit material will get bigger. And the materials will get heated more sufficiently.
2. It can heat foods averagely. Oil has excellent thermal conductivity and can form an average temperature field. After a period of heating, due to the effect of convection, heat can be delivered to every part rapidly which means that the space filled with oil is a isothermal field. The materials that was put into oil will be heated averagely from every direction. But using metal as the heating medium will only get the parts of foods that straightly touch the metal heated. And this will make heat uneven. And because of the special feature of oil, it can be used as the heat-transferring medium and various cooking methods have been developed.
3. It's beneficial to the color of foods. The attractive bronzing color of foods are mainly resulted by caramelization and Maillard reaction. These two reactions only happen on special condition that using water or moisture as medium can't reach.
4. It's good for the formation of foods' good smell. The smells of most dishes come out in the situation of thermal decomposition. And this charges high temperature that can't be accomplished by using water or moisture.
5. It's beneficial to the quality of dishes. By using oil as the heat-transferring medium can the foods quickly be cooked enough. Because frying with oil can form a protective layer to avoid so much evaporation of moisture.
6. It's good for the appearance of foods. After oil-frying, the protein of foods will change the character and this will help foods to form beautiful appearances.
7. Finally, it's beneficial to improve the digestibility of foods. Using oil will help improve the nutrition of foods. Meanwhile, oil itself has much valuable nutrition. On the condition of high temperature, the nutrition will be absorbed more easily.

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