The hot selling rice noodle making machine

2016-11-07 by Ellie
  With the rapid development of economy in China, more and more countries in the world are likely to cooperate with it, so the trade exchanges and communication is increasing constantly. In order to keep the balance of imports and exports, the government is taking some measures to encourage the exports of various goods.
  Due the encouragement policy in China, many enterprises begin to be engaged in the export business. As a company who has been specializing in the exports of food machinery, there are various food processing machines in the GELGOOG Company with high quality and stable performance, including noodle machine, cube sugar making machine, peanut brittle making machine and so on.
  Recently, the best selling products in the company is the rice noodle production line. As a response to the market demand, all customers who want the machine can receive their goods as quick as possible as the machines has been make in bulk in the plant, in order to meet the profound demand of consumers.
rice noodle making machine
  The rice noodle also called cold noodle in some countries, and the production of rice noodle is finished by machines mostly.
So do you know why the rice noodle making machine in the GELGOOG Company is so popular among consumers?
First, the raw materials of all machines are the stainless steel with durable performance and healthy standard.
Second, it uses direct thermal heating with fast heating speed, with low material and energy consumption.
Third, the price of the whole production line is favorable with all customers. 
 rice noodle making machine

  The raw material of rice noodle is rice with no doubt. After washing and grinding into powder, add water into the powder to make rice paste, and then steamed into rice noodle. There is one thing that you need to play attention to is the washing process of rice, that is, when washing, it is vital for you to clean the rice carefully, as the quality of rice noodles in influenced greatly by the cleanness of rice.
  Rice noodle is more and more popular in the world with the rice of catering industry recently years, the rice noodle production line id suitable for restaurant, characteristic snack bar, and various kinds of food industry.

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